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A car has a trunk but anything

Just because you aren't a construction worker, doesn't mean that you don't need a tool box on your truck. If you own a pick up truck then you may have already noticed that it has zero enclosed storage space. A car has a trunk but anything that goes into truck besides a passenger, goes on or behind the seat, on the floor or in the bed.

Oh So ConvenientOut shopping at the mall and find yourself burdened with a bag of merchandise that you don't feel like lugging around? Just step out to your truck and lock it safely in your tool box then head back in to the mall. Tired of you groceries rolling around in the back of your truck on your way home? If you had a tool box, that wouldn't be a problem.Security is an IssueSecurity is one major consideration when you are looking at tool boxes. To a thief, a tool box signals that there may be something valuable inside. 

Once a tool box is pried open, the latch is pretty much toast, so you may want to consider a heavy gage steel tool box.Where Do You Live?This particularly holds true if you live in an area of the country that is crawling with scumbags and inbred psychopaths like southern Louisiana. 

While a shiny aluminum tool box might look swell, a southern Louisiana inbred crack head could pry it open in seconds, using nothing more than his or her crooked yellow teeth.Make Copies of Your KeyAlso, remember that unless you plan on climbing into your truck bed every time you want to open it, you better get a tool box that has double doors that access from a standing position at the side of your truck. Finally, remember to make a copy of your tool box key and keep it at home in case you lose your key chain.
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A car has a trunk but anything